We have been hearing about the “Internet of Things” (or IoT) for a few years now. The promise of a future in which all of our devices and appliances are interconnected seems to always be just around the corner, but never quite makes it into the mainstream. However, 2015 might finally be the year that

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As the global smartphone market grows more crowded all the time, it’s become a favorite move of niche players to focus their efforts on affordable mobile devices for developing economies, with the idea being that developed economies like the United States and Europe have a smartphone market that is already completely dominated by Android and


As a company that tries to be all things to its customers, I guess it was only a matter of time before we saw Amazon try to make an entrance into the burgeoning streaming music market. That entrance finally came last week when the A-to-Z retailer announced Prime Music, an unlimited, commercial-free music streaming service

Good news: Researchers funded in part by the UW Commercialization Gap Fund have discovered a way to transmit wireless signals with absolutely no external power source whatsoever. This will no doubt lead to tremendous leaps in the development of technology related to the Internet of Things. Bad news: It can only send a signal two meters

The battle for greater security in the age of the Internet of Things will take place on two fronts: personal security, and corporate/industrial security. On the professional front, with the coming of the Internet of Things, every company becomes a technology company. Right now, a coffee shop has to keep their Wifi password safe so that

In recent years, many people in the technology industry have celebrated online freelancing platforms like eLance and oDesk for their ability to connect people in developing economies with equal access to technology work opportunities from across the globe. These observers have rightfully celebrated these contracting opportunities as a potential source of self-empowerment and social change.

In this era dominated by Silicon Valley giants, the recipe for technological innovation and disruption is fairly well established: someone with an entrepreneurial spirit has a great new idea, and brings it to market in the form of an ultra-lean startup company. Over time, based on how well the idea actually meets the needs of

To look at some of the new items being developed using Internet of Things technology, you might be surprised to see as many tea kettles and diapers and trash cans as they see earbuds, heart rate monitors and wristwatches. The Internet of Things is the Internet of All Things, not just popular consumer electronics. Yes, there

The hospitality industry has already adopted the Internet of Things a little earlier than many other fields. Just consider the automatic mini-bar. Guests pull a bottle of beer or a can of peanuts out, and the mini-bar automatically adds it to their bill. No need to sign anything, no need to call for room service,


As someone who’s enthusiastic about mobile technology, I have always thought that laws that prevented consumers from being able to unlock their own mobile devices are a really bad idea. After all, we live in a capitalist economy where true competition is needed to drive innovation. If someone can’t take their device to another network,