I have always been of the opinion that sooner or later, a technology company will show you who they really are based on their decisions. Does a company truly care about innovation and changing the world, or are they willing to do whatever it takes to keep making money, even if it means betraying its

Please have a read… Sifting the Epigenetic Sea in Search of Sense and Meaning

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about drone technology, but I’ve yet to see an application of the technology that could really be life changing. Big-name companies like Amazon and Domino’s have been experimenting with using delivery drones, but even that feels more like a publicity stunt than part of a serious change


For the past couple of years, there has been some serious speculation about which company was going to step up and lead the charge toward creating a nationwide network of true high-speed Internet. We know the technology exists to make it happen, but it seems like the business interests care more about preserving the status


If you are passionate about mobile technology the way I am, the Mobile World Congress is like Christmas and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. It provides the perfect opportunity to get a look at the great new technologies that are coming soon, both from the big-name companies and the innovators that are new


What does technology mean to you? How has it changed your life? The simple answer is that technology makes our lives easier and more convenient. The real truth may be far more complicated than that. For years, commentators have tried to determine exactly what effect technology has on the lives of people who use it.

Four Hot Home Automation Solutions

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For decades, science fiction writers have dreamed of a home that could be automated to make its owner’s life easier. More than just four walls and a roof, these automated homes would come fully equipped with smart appliances and furnishings that could be programmed to perform needed tasks without manual human intervention. When properly applied,

Life with Nest Thermostat   Nest

Excitement is stirring throughout the home automation community due to an acquisition of Nest Labs by Google. Nest Labs is a company that develops learning thermostats; thermostats that can control all elements of the temperature within a home and learn based on a family’s habits and preferences. The goals of learning thermostats include energy efficiency,

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In days past, want ads were the main way of finding a new job. Now, the proliferation of new job hunting and networking apps is changing the way people search for jobs, making them more and more likely to begin their employment searches on their smartphones. Like so many things that we do as consumers,

With Barrett Jackson in town this week it made me start thinking about technology in cars. With the  level of penetration smart devices already have in our lives, it makes sense that the next frontier for these technologies will be the automobile. The reasoning behind this idea is simple: Americans love their cars. They also