Four Hot Home Automation Solutions

Saturday, 25 January 2014 by

For decades, science fiction writers have dreamed of a home that could be automated to make its owner’s life easier. More than just four walls and a roof, these automated homes would come fully equipped with smart appliances and furnishings that could be programmed to perform needed tasks without manual human intervention. When properly applied,

Life with Nest Thermostat   Nest

Excitement is stirring throughout the home automation community due to an acquisition of Nest Labs by Google. Nest Labs is a company that develops learning thermostats; thermostats that can control all elements of the temperature within a home and learn based on a family’s habits and preferences. The goals of learning thermostats include energy efficiency,

JH Careers

In days past, want ads were the main way of finding a new job. Now, the proliferation of new job hunting and networking apps is changing the way people search for jobs, making them more and more likely to begin their employment searches on their smartphones. Like so many things that we do as consumers,

With Barrett Jackson in town this week it made me start thinking about technology in cars. With the  level of penetration smart devices already have in our lives, it makes sense that the next frontier for these technologies will be the automobile. The reasoning behind this idea is simple: Americans love their cars. They also

Regardless of industry and profession, there are certain traits that virtually all successful leaders share in common. Some people may be born with the talent to engage their followers while others may develop their skills over a lifetime of learning, but regardless there are specific characteristics that seem to propel individuals into positions of power.

Breaking Bad

Sunday, 29 September 2013 by
jason hope

I recently attended the series finale of Breaking Bad. I had a great time watching it all come to an end with Aaron and his wife Lauren.

Monday, 29 April 2013 by

I had a chance to go out and watch the Scottsdale Guns vs Hoses event at Coronado High School. I have been involved with this event for 3 years and would encourage everyone to come out and support the Scottsdale Police Department.